Control IT Cloud

An RMM for IT Dept's, MSP's and Service Providers

What is Control IT Cloud

Control IT is a RMM Platform for IT Departments and MSPs who are on a budget, and need a turn-key Central Management Solution that does not require an entire training course to operate. Control IT is Cloud Hosted and does not require any time, or technical skills to build out, configure. and deploy so you can take advantage of the system. It is "Ready to Use" the moment the credentials are provided to you, so you can spend more time running your business, and helping your clients, and less time trying to get up and running.

Remote Terminal/Shell Access

Easily access and run commands on the Terminals and Shells of your managed machines regardless of their Operating System and perform background tasks without ever interrupting the end user.

Detailed System Information

Audit the hardware specifications of your managed systems right down to BIOS Version, and see part numbers, memory arrangement, chipset details, operating system build numbers and so much more with a few clicks.

Remote File Manager

Access & Manage Files in the background without disrupting users. Stage the files needed for after hours work, perform disk cleanups, move files between user profiles, and more without interrupting the user sitting in front of the machine.

Remote Administration

Take direct control of a users system to perform advanced level tasks, or train a user in how to use an application. Fully Supports Remote Control of Multiple Monitor systems.

Easy Device Organization

Group Devices by person or company, and delegate access to your staff however you see fit.

Platform Status and Backup

Monitor the capacity of your ControlIT Instance including CPU and RAM usage so you can plan ahead for scaling up your capacity. And easily perform backup and restore of your Platform Database as needed.

We also provide a Firewall at no extra cost, Contact support if you wish to setup IP Whitelist based Access to your Platform and provide us the IPs in CIDR Notation format. This is a Layer 3 Firewall functionality done at the routing level, not on the host itself such as UFW, IPTables, etc...

For those who are security oriented and since this question is asked a lot, Control IT is not multi-tenant, none of your data is co-mingled in any way within a shared system, and customers do not share a common operating system, or any resources. Each customer is setup in a new Debian 11 Virtual Machine of their own, with their own Dedicated Public IP address. Thus customer can put another customer at risk regardless of what they do within their own system.

Customers also do not share SSL Certificates, We generate these fresh for each customer at account setup using Lets Encrypt.


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